PanCanvas: Motion Control for ImageFX

April 30, 1998

Legacy Maker, Inc. of Chicago, IL is proud to announce the commercial release of PanCanvas, the Motion Control plugin for ImageFX 2.6 and above.

PanCanvas, by Ola Olsson, is a powerful tool to turn ImageFX into a professional-quality motion control station. Put simply, motion control involves "panning" across a still image to create the illusion of animation. This technique is used liberally in documentaries and news profiles, to bring photographs and documents to life on the screen.

Just draw a frame over where you want your animation to start, and where you want your animation to end, and PanCanvas will smoothly crop your original image into an animated sequence. It's even easy for your virtual camera to zoom, follow curves and ease in and out of stops.

PanCanvas outputs a sequence of frames (IFF or JPEG) which can be used to generate Flyer clips, Amiga ANIMs, MPEGs, and more. It's easy to incorporate PanCanvas into your video editing suite.

PanCanvas includes PanPost, a post-processing engine to enhance your output.

PanCanvas is shipping now! To order direct from Legacy Maker, call 773-465-5158. Visa and Mastercard accepted. E-mail inquiries are welcome to Visit the PanCanvas website at

Or, mail check or money order to:
Legacy Maker Inc.
PO Box 60711
Chicago, IL 60660

Pancanvas's Suggested Retail Price is $35.95.

Legacy Maker is proud to refer customers to these supporting Amiga dealers:

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Dealer inquiries welcome.

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