New Southern New Mexico + El Paso User Group

Announcement: To All Amiga Users in the

Alamogordo, New Mexico
Las Cruces, New Mexico
El Paso, Texas


If you are interested in keeping abreast of the latest Amiga developments, increasing the utility you get out of your own system, sharing Amiga hints, tips, and technical advice or just talking with some fellow Amiga users then please send the following information:

Phone (evening or weekend preferred)
E-mail address
Address (if you are uncomfortable with this then your general locale at least)


John Scotto
Holloman AFB, NM

I would like to start a southern New Mexico/El Paso area user group and believe that is the most auspicious time to do so. Please feel free to print out and post this in local University Bulletin Boards, computer shops, and etc. What's my motivation? I am sick of having to write back to my old Las Vegas user group for support (as much as I miss them). Please take the time to answer if you feel a group like this would be of any benefit to you or other Amiga users.


John Scotto

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