Team AMIGA Mailing List

Team AMIGA Release

We are pleased to announce that with the assistance of Ultima Thule Software (, Team *AMIGA* now has a mailing list in operation.

We envision this list to be a low traffic mailing list where Amiga users can get the latest news as it happens, get help with software and hardware problems, and have general discussions about Team *AMIGA* and the Amiga computer. Thru this list we will also allow hardware and software vendors, both commercial and shareware to offer our members specials discounts and incentives!

Team *AMIGA* asks anyone who joins this mailing list to also provide special news and bulletins that are posted to any and all other nets and bbs's that you may visit so that all our members can take advantage of the vast resources of Team *AMIGA*.

To join the Team *AMIGA* mailing list simply send an email to:

And in the BODY of the message type "SUBSCRIBE TEAMAMIGA" without the quote marks.

Please remember to visit Ultima Thule Software and help those who are helping Team *AMIGA*!


Gary Peake, Coordinator
Team *AMIGA* Worldwide

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