Wildfire\5(_PPC) & Aminet Set 6

Inside the just released Aminet Set 6 you`ll find a bonus coupon for ordering Wildfire at Oberland Computer (info@oberland.com) for a special discount.

The award-winning (Amiga Plus Award 1997, best animation programm) special-effect software for animations and single images exists in an standard Amiga version and in an PPC version.

Together with Stefan Ossowski we made an agreement that everyone who boug= ht the Aminet Set 6 will get the possibility to order Wildfire\5 or Wildfire\5_PPC 50 DM below the standard price!

                      normal            price with the
                      price           Aminet Set 6 coupon

Wildfire\5           299,00 DM            249,00 DM
Wildfire\5_PPC       399,00 DM            349,00 DM

We hope you enjoy working with Wildfire.

Kind regards,
Andreas Kussner

Wildfire Support:
contact: eksec@eure.de
homepage: http://www.oberland.com/amiga/wildfire/

Wildfire distribution:
Oberland Computer
In der Schneithohl 5
61476 Kronberg
Tel. ++49-(0)6173-6080
email: info@oberland.com

Aminet Set 6 distribution:
Stefan Ossowskis Schatztruhe Gesellschaft fur Software mbH
Veronikastr. 33 - 45131 Essen - Germany
Phone: ++49-201-788778 Fax ++49-201-798447
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