Ports for phase5's PowerUP Systems

From Andreas_Kleinert@t-online.de Wed Feb 25 02:12 CST 1998


just a quick note on available PPC ports for phase5's powerUP (TM) systems, using ppc.library:

After porting (at least) 16 smaller and larger packages to PPC, I thought it would make sense to put together an overview page and added some URLs to my corresponding WWW site at


Since all of these programs do come with source code, it may be interesting for PPC programmers as well as PPC users.

Here's a short list of the programs:
- uucoders (uuencode/uudecode)
- Bywater BASIC 1.11 (interpreter)
- CForth (interpreter)
- DeTar (dearchiver)
- GNUtar 1.11.8 (archiver/dearchiver)
- Limbo (fractal image compression)
- Little Smalltak (interpreter)
- Siod Scheme (interpreter)
- Tiny Prolog (interpreter)
- TBL's 3D converter (for Lightwave users)
- Troepfel (PI and E calculation, benchmark)
- UnACE (dearchiver)
- UnARJ (dearchiver)
- UnLZX (dearchiver)
- UnTGZ (dearchiver)
- xDMS (dearchiver)

(just realized: still missing is the Logo interpreter from Aminet:dev/lang/ucb_logoPPC.lha)

Of course, there also are download links to akPNG and akJFIF, the first OS3 datatypes with PPC native plugins (that now do work with *all* programs), and to SuperViewNG, the image processing and conversion program with now (at least) 44 PPC plugins for its library.

More information on SuperView-Library/PPC can be found under


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