ABackup v5.20

If your Amiga has a hard-drive, and chances are that it does, then you may be interested to know that a new version of ABackup is available. The author of this powerful and full-featured backup utility has informed us that release 5.20 of the program has been uploaded to Aminet, on Valentine's Day. It has also been made available from the programmer's homepage, the URL of which is http://perso.wanadoo.fr/denis.gounelle/index_e.html.

This new version offers full support for removable disk systems, like SyQuest, ZIP and Jaz units. In these times when hard-drives are becoming larger and larger, this lets you use such systems as large floppy disks, So, your backup will only require a few removable disks instead of a huge pile of floppies. Of course, it will also be much faster. Before using them with ABackup, you will have to partition your removable disks with HDToolBox (in order to create the disk's RigidDiskBlock) but this is the only thing that may disturb ZIP and Jaz owners.

May we remind you that ABackup has a very clean interface, which doesn't require any additional library or graphical system like MUI. It also supports SCSI tape drives, as well as XPK libraries for optimal data compression. These are only a few features of ABackup : just take a look at the program, if you want to see how much it has to offer."

ABACKUP coming soon (Aminet) with an english doc in amigaguide.of course :-)

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