Changes at Cronus

Dear Amiga User,

This message is to inform you of some changes at Cronus (formerly Amiga Library Services).

In early 1986 I founded Amiga Library Services to distribute Amiga software on floppy disk (AKA "Fish Disks") and then many years later began producing CD-ROM distributions of Amiga software. At the time of Commodore's bankruptcy, Amiga Library Services was a small but growing company that not only produced our own products, but imported many products from overseas and resold them to both end users and dealers.

Of course many things have happened since then, and we recently find ourselves in the position of not having sufficient ongoing sales to really justify remaining in the Amiga marketplace at this time. So a couple months ago, we made the rather painful decision that Cronus would stop reselling Amiga products, and with the exception of future AmigaOS versions of Geek Gadgets, stop producing our own Amiga products. Of course this is not an irreversible decision. If for some reason in the future it makes sense to reenter the marketplace we will certainly do so. This is not a loss of faith in the Amiga itself, but purely a business decision based on the "bottom line".

-Fred Fish
January 19, 1998

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