Descent Source Code


January 24, 1998

Ann Arbor, MI: Parallax Software, developer of the smash hits Descent, Descent II, and Descent Maximum today announced the release of the Descent source code to the public domain. The source code will be made available as a free download via the Descent Developers Resource ( website this Saturday.

When asked about the decision to release the source code, Parallax founder and President Mike Kulas had this to say, "We figured a lot of people aspiring to work in the game industry would like to see production quality code. There are two reasons for this. One, you can learn a lot by looking at working code. Two, people will see that you can write a decent game without writing beautiful code."

Kevin Bentley, maintainer of the Descent Developer Resources and author of Kahn, has agreed to support this code base through his website at Questions or comments concerning the code may be directed to the previous website. Please do not contact Parallax Software, its employees or its affiliates.

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