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16.01.1998 TWinIFF: New Conversion Tool for PC AND Amiga from PerSuaSiVe SoftWorX

From time to time Amiga newsgroups are frequented by former Amiga users - where the number seems to increase since the invention of UAE - as well as people who have to deal with PCs and Amigas at work and at home, or maybe sometimes people who accidentally have been confronted with amiga-specific data or program CD-ROMs.

A common problem of these people seems to be:

How do I get these IFF-ILBM files into common PC programs ?

Well, there ARE some solutions available in the PC sector.

But most don't follow the IFF specifications in all parts (done differently than e.g. an Amiga programmer would do it ;-) or lack the ability of handling uncompressed IFF graphics, 24 bit IFF-ILBMs or HAM6/HAM8.

So I've written a small tool for the Win95/NT/Win32s characater mode (DOS box), which allows to do all these conversions for you, resulting in a 1, 4, 8 or 24 bit Windows Bitmap (BMP) file - HAM graphics BTW will result in a 24 bit graphics always.

So, next time when you're going to send your rendered 24 bit IFF-ILBMs to someone in the PC world you're able to supply the appropriate tool to handle these, too...

As a real multi-platform "twin", the program archive also includes a CLI version compiled for Amigas (OS 2.04 or greater), so that you can utilize the program from any of both platforms.

That's why this SHAREWARE tool is called (T)WinIFF - you can use the same keyfile for both platforms, then.

It should be available on Aminet as soon as it goes online again - until then, you may download it from my homepage:

...and don't forget to visit the homepage itself under

Maybe this tools helps a little bit to again improve data interchange ability between these two systems - remember:

HAM8 is not "exotic", instead it's just "nearly 24 bit" :-)

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