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Kai Hofmann


MonthNavigator is a Custom Class of the Magic User Interface (c) by Stefan Stuntz. It is a subclass of group-class.

The idea of this class was born during developing my Gregor application.

It's a MUI public custom class showing a field with the days of a specified month in a specified year. The user decides if the names of the weekdays and the week numbers will be shown. Also it is possible for the user to set which weekday should be the day on which a week was started - the language for the weekday names can also be chosen. A special feature of this class is, that it correctly handles October 1582. In this month the days 5-14 didn't exist, because they were removed by the Gregorian calendar reform. This calendar reform happens in different years for different countries, so the user can set his country with the user preferences.

Users can change the display of MonthNavigator with the following features:
- Show/Hide names of the weekdays
- Select name of weekday with which a week starts
- Select the language to use for the names of weekdays (out of 21)
- Show/Hide week numbers
- Select the country for the Gregorian calendar reform (unusable as long as the date.library has not fully implemented this feature)
- Set the distance between the day-field and the names of weekdays/week numbers
- Use frames for day-fields
- Show/Hide unused day-fields
- Display the last/first days of the previous/next month within the unused day-fields
- Define how days of the previous/next month should be highlighted
- Define how the internal 'mark today' hook should highlight today

MonthNavigator supports also the following features which might be of interest for developers:
- Based on Date.mcc
- Dropping a date-object onto a MonthNavigator will set this date as the actual one
- Objects can be dropped onto the days
- Days can be dragged around
- Days can be marked by changing the following attributes:
* MUIA_Text_PreParse
* MUIA_Background
* MUI_ShortHelp
* MUIA_Disabled
- Supporting MUIM_Import and MUIM_Export
- Dates can be correctly selected from 0008-01-01 to 8000-12-31 by using the DateLib (TM)

The MonthNavigator also supports three input modes: read-only, relverify and the immediate mode.

- Added MagicWB readme
- Added AmigaGuide V40 features to the documentation
- Added "Please rate" section to the documentation
- MCC-Install 43.21
- Compiled with MCCLib 12.4
- Improved demo
- Fixed problem on OM_NEW failure in mcp
- Now based on Date.mcc 12.1
- Implemented MUIM_Mccprefs_RegisterGadget
- Added MUIM_MonthNavigator_Mark, MUIM_MonthNavigator_DragQuery, MUIM_MonthNavigator_DragDrop to replace hooks
- Added MUIA_MonthNavigator_MonthAdjust for the new methods
- Optimizations
- date.library 33.286


MUI 3.5
date.library (included)

And all other Aminet sites.


For non-commercial use this is giftware.
(non-commercial includes giftware and shareware)

Permission for commercial use is only given by an extra available commercial license that must be validated. Contact me directly for this license, because it will be individually handed out per your needs.

Please send me a full version of your product at no cost including free updates.


Permission is hereby granted, without written agreement and without license or royalty fees, to copy and distribute this software and its documentation for any purpose, provided that the copyright notice and the following paragraphs appear in all copies of this software, to:

- All who will distribute this software for free.
- All free accessible Internet servers.
- All Aminet sites.
- Fred Fish for his great Amiga software library.
- The German SAAR AG PD library.
- Angela Schmidt's Meeting Pearls series.
- All others who do NOT take more than US$ 5.- for one disk that includes this software.

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