POV-Ray v3.02c


Persistence of Vision


V3.02c Nov 30 1997


Freely distributable (see povlegal.txt).


Joel NewKirk (POV-Team *AMIGA*, POV-Team)


3D raytracing graphics renderer, with GUI, no modeller. Scenes described in flexible ASCII scenefiles, similar to many programming languages. Although docs and renderer are English only, the GUI is fully localized (English and Italian available).

POV-Ray is a freely distributable, powerful 3D raytracer. It can generate photo realistic images from simple (or complex 8^) scene descriptions using dozens of object primitives (including complex mathematical functions like quadrics, quartics, poly- nomials, and 4D Juliaset fractals) and unlimited layering of several complex procedural (or image file-based) textures. Includes blob objects, (metaballs) multiple texture layering, texture blend/averaging, mapping of each value or range of values from a procedural pattern OR image as a discrete texture, pigment, or surface normal, again with theoretically unlimited layering. Other features include atmosphere, fog and 'halo' rendering, focal blur, area lights, radiosity calculations (diffuse inter-reflection - IE blue walls add blue tint to nearby objects), 'soap-bubble' irridescence, math functions (including trig functions) available in scenefiles for object & texture control. (IE, x=cos(clock*2*pi),y=sin(clock*2*pi) animates an object on a circular path). Its scene file format parallels programming languages, supporting for loops, conditional statements, variables, and more. Clock external variable available, ranges from 0.0000 to 1.0000 during the course of built-in animation loop. External programs or scripts can be called at key points during the main rendering and animation loops, to generate, modify, or process data/images "on-the-fly".


V3.02c introduces datatype support for image loading (height fields & image maps), re-written display and memory pool code (20% faster) GUI now fully localized, except messages from renderer (not yet localized), and supports sequential renders automatically.


AmigaOS v2.x, any CPU arrangement (with specific archive), 6MB drive space, 2 MB RAM. HTML browser for docs.


AmigaOS v3.x (datatypes & 24-bit display), 8+MB RAM. v43 picture datatype and PNG datatype, available on support page.


Joel NewKirk, povamiga@geocities.com,
or povamiga@amigaworld.com
(mailinglist, subject "subscribe")



ftp://ftp.doc.ic.ac.uk/aminet/gfx/3d/pov* And all other Aminet sites.

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