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Hello you last believers :-)

As the co-author of the new MagicMenu II and creator of the official support pages, I am kind of proud to announce...

Finally it is done, I got to finish the new homepage for MagicMenu. It took quite some time, but I did beat her... Well, sometimes I am just a bit too lazy. ;-)

New features are:

- better partitioning
- more to download
- more languages (soon :)
- more information
- more new bugs? ;)
- more guestbooks (i.e. one :^)
- and finally, it is darker! 8)

Just go for it at:

If you still have an old link please update it, and if you find some of them on the web, just go ahead and inform those webmasters, thank you!

I hope you like it!

Mario 'padrino' Cattaneo


MagicMenu is a shareware commodity that improves the look and functionality of pull down menus for both Workbench itself and games and applications that use the OS for pull down menus. The latest version on Aminet is v2.21.

It is extremely configurable via a seperate accompanying preferences programme, and will run on any Amiga with OS2.0+.

The original author was Martin Korndörfer. The 3D multicolour menu artwork and design were created by Mario Cattaneo after v1.29, and the documentation preferences editor and the development since MagicMenu v2.3 was performed by Olaf Barthel.

It is available from Aminet, such as:

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