HTDS HTML HyperText SubClass v40.8


HTDS HTML HyperText SubClass






Stefan Ruppert <>


The html.datatype is used for displaying HTML documents using the hypertext.datatype base class. It supports currently not all HTML 3.2 tags. The main missing tags are for tables and forms. For all supported tags and tag attributes see the included HyperGuide documentation. With this html.datatype and from version 40.20 of the hypertext.datatype it is possible to use HTML documents for online help using the amigaguide.library.


html.datatype 40.8 (8.12.97) :

- fixed IMG align bug, which caused all following texts to be aligned like the image

html.datatype 40.7 (1.12.97) :

- paragraph alignment wasn't reset by other block elements, which uses alignments
- fixed alignment bug, which didn't set correctly the old alignment

html.datatype 40.6 (21.11.97) :

- changed to new classbase.(c|h) sources (ClassLib)
- fixed Enforcer hit within META tag, if NAME wasn't specified
- added COLORS LINK preference option
- fixed various parser bugs

AVAILABILITY And all other Aminet sites.


It's shareware!

The total fee for all HTDS datatypes is 40,- DM or 30,- US Dollar.
NOTE: Until end of the year 1997 the price is $20 (US) or DM 30!


Permission is hereby granted to distribute the program's archive containing the executables and documentation for non-commercial purposes as long as the archive and its contents are not modified in any way.

It is strictly forbidden to include this archive in any kind of software collection except the Fish Amiga PD library, Aminet file servers, Meeting-Pearls CD's or BBS file areas or by explict permission from the author!

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