Catalyzer: Video Tutorial for ImageFX

Legacy Maker, Inc. of Chicago, IL is pleased to announce its latest videotape product for Amiga computers.

ImageFX is the engine. Your Amiga's tank is full of gas. This video is the Catalyzer. Learn about the power and secrets of ImageFX from one of its most reknown experts. Bohus Blahut, whose ImageFX knowledge is so extensive Nova Design entrusted him with the creation of their latest ImageFX demo tape, guides you through four projects on this one hour videotape.

Catalyzer explores ImageFX through four project-based tutorials.

* Stunning Region Handling
* Powerful Text Effects
* Warp and Swirl Animations
* The secret of animating ImageFX's famous Lightning effect

Catalyzer demystifies ImageFX's batch processors, AutoFX and IMP.

Even Kermit Woodall, VP of Nova Design, says Catalyzer is "An amazing tutorial video for ImageFX! It taught me things I didn't know about our own software!"

Catalyzer For ImageFX includes a support floppy disk with all the material you'll need to follow along with the videotape.

Catalyzer is shipping now! Legacy Maker is proud to refer customers to these supporting Amiga dealers:

Wonder Computers (
Safe Harbor(
CompuQuick (
National Amiga (

Or, order direct from Legacy Maker at 773-465-5158. Catalyzer's SRP is $39.95. Visa and Mastercard are accepted. E-mail inquiries are welcome to Visit the Catalyzer website at

About Legacy Maker

Legacy Maker Inc., based in Chicago, IL, is a publisher of creative video products for and using Amiga computers. Legacy Maker produces and sells Legacy, the videotape-based magazine for Amiga users.

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