Homegrown Software Releases Moonbases

New Software Developer Announces First Game Release

Homegrown Software, an independent Amiga games developer, is pleased to announce it's first game title, Moonbases. Moonbases is a real-time strategy game, influenced by Dune II, Command & Conquer and Warcraft II.

The game is currently very near completion, and is undergoing final testing, as well as evaluation by a potential publisher. The game will include the following features:

*Modest system requirements (AGA Amiga, 1MB FAST RAM, 5MB hard disk space)
*Low (320 x 256) and high (640 x 256) resolution screen modes
*Ray-traced in game graphics
*Music and sound effects including in-game speech
*2 player link-up support via serial cable or modem
*1 player mission based game
*Flexible game interface for controlling your forces
*Challenging Artificial Intelligence player to compete against

Screen shots and details are available from the Homegrown Software web-site: http://www.eclipse.co.uk/homegrown/

Watch this space, and the web-site for news on Moonbases' development and distribution.

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