date.library v33.297








Kai Hofmann


A library that gives you low level functions for date calculations.
Includes the following features:

- Support for six different date/time measurement systems: Julian, Gregorian, Heis, Julian Day, Modified Julian Day, Scaliger Year (other systems will follow).
- Month/Weekday and other date/time string support for 21 languages.
- Support for different countries (implementation not finished!).
- Calculating leap years.
- Functions to calculate the days of a month or a year or between two dates.
- Functions to calculate the weeknumber and the weekday.
- Check the validity of a date.
- Calculating Easter.
- Comparing dates.
- Powerful functions to handle differences between dates.
- Transformations from one time measurement system to the others.
- Calculating your local time zone out of your position on the earth.
- Calculating the age of the moon and the moon phase.
- Check the validity of a time.
- Comparing times.
- Transforming 24h time format into seconds and back.
- Transforming 24h time format to Julian Day time format and back.
- Every weekday can be the first day of the week.
- Supplement two digit years to four digit years.
- Formatting of date and time values into strings.
- Parsing date and time values from strings via templates or powerful autoanlysation.
- Converting weekday/week/year to day/month/year vice versa.
- Autodocs describing all functions of the library.
- Interfaces for: C/C++, Modula II, Oberon, Amiga-E, Assembler, Cluster, Blitz Basic 2, ARexx.
- Including ANSI-C test example.


- General code optimizations
- Autodocs fixed
- Extended HSYearToJD() implementation
- Changed JYearToScaliger() implementation
- Added JulianDiffDateRange(), GregorianDiffDateRange(), HeisDiffDateRange(), JulianRangeDiff(), GregorianRangeDiff(), HeisRangeDiff()
- Declared JulianDiffDate(), GregorianDiffDate() and HeisDiffDate() as OBSOLETE
- Renamed date_Calendar to date_Calendars
- Added two countries: USA and Sweden

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For non-commercial use this is giftware.
(Non-commercial includes giftware and shareware)

Permission for commercial use is only given by an extra available commercial license that must be validated. Contact me directly for this license, because it will be individually handed out per your needs.

Please include the following note into your software:
"This software uses the DateLib (TM) that is copyright (c) 1994-1998 Kai Hofmann"
and send me a full version of your product at no cost including free updates.


You can copy and distribute this source code as long as you do not take more than US$3 for one disk or US$20 for one CD.

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