HTDS HyperGuide Datatype


HTDS HyperGuide Datatype






Stefan Ruppert <>


The hyperguide.datatype is used for displaying AmigaGuide and HyperGuide documents using the hypertext.datatype base class. It provides many features, which aren't available in the original amigaguide.datatype like embedding of other datatype objects, real lists and more. All functionality of the base class can be used within a HyperGuide or AmigaGuide document.

From the version 40.20 of the hypertext.datatype it is possible to use all HTDS datatypes for online help using the amigaguide.library. So its now possible and recommended to use the hyperguide.datatype for all your guides including AmigaGuide. This can be done by replacing the original AmigaGuide datatype descriptor from Devs:Datatypes with the AmigaGuide descriptor provided with the HyperGuide distribution.


hyperguide.datatype 40.18 (18.11.97) :

- avoid macro recursion
- converted NULL DTA_NodeName to "main"
- fixed a bug, which caused the last line of the first paragraph to be cleared.
- completed autodocs

hyperguide.datatype 40.17 (11.11.97) :

- changed paragraph handling. Now its AmigaGuide v40 compatible. @{pari} can now placed after the @{lindent} command.

hyperguide.datatype 40.16 (8.10.97) :

- added @path command
- changed macro handling. Now its possible to overwrite a macro.

And all other Aminet sites.


It's shareware!
The total fee for all HTDS datatypes is 40,- DM or 30,- US Dollar. NOTE: Until the end of 1997 the price is 20 USD or 30 DM!


Permission is hereby granted to distribute the program's archive containing the executables and documentation for non-commercial purposes as long as the archive and its contents are not modified in any way.

It is strictly forbidden to include this archive in any kind of software collection except the Fish Amiga PD library, Aminet, Meating Pearls CD's or BBS file areas or by explict permission from the author!

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