Siamese RTG Package on CD-ROM

For Immediate release 24th March 1998

Siamese Systems ltd launch budget Siamese RTG package on CD-ROM from April.

Due to requests from many potential customers who want to see what the Siamese system v2.5 can do before parting with their money, we have decided to launch the new "Siamese Remote Amiga v2.1" package for only ( UK 29.95 pounds, Germany 79.95dm, USA $49.95 ). This can be used as a full Serial based system in its own right, or evaluated and then part exchanged for the full "Siamese V2.5 Pro" package, by paying the diference.

This software is based on the Siamese v2.5 software but without the TCP/IP ( Internet / Ethernet ) capabilities, and uses a normal null modem serial cable (not supplied) for connection. The software supports serial speeds up to 115,200 bps on a standard AGA Amiga serial connection. This version of the Siamese system also supports Cybergraphics screen modes but please remember when using 16bit graphics over a serial line it is not as quick as the Ethernet version which is up to 50 times faster.

Main features of "Siamese Remote Amiga v2.1" CD-ROM.
1. Supports all serial speeds available to both the Amiga and PC, standard maximum is 115200 bps.
2. Supports third party Amiga and PC high speed serial cards.
3. Remote control Amiga from PC, most RTG friendly Amiga screens appear in a Window on Win95/NT4.
4. Single Keyboard and Mouse control for both Amiga and PC.
5. Works on Intel and Alpha processors. ( Alpha needs FX32! )
6. PC drives are accessible from standard AGA Amiga with up to 13kbytes per second.
7. Supports SCSI networking to speed up file transfer ( 1mb/sec ) with suitable controllers on the PC and Amiga.
8. Emulates Cybergraphics screen modes, remember bitmaps will transfer at serial speed.
9. Can be part exchanged for Siamese v2.5 Professional, (TCP/IP Ethernet version 99.95 pounds.)
10. Special WinUAE set up files to transfer your WB3 to a WinUAE environment by using Sisys MountPC.
11. Will create ideal "Real Amiga" and "WinUAE Amiga" giving the best of both worlds.
12. Great for creating the Amiga floppy disk files for WinUAE
13. Works with the "Amiga Forever" package or PD downloaded version. (not included on CD)
14. Has videos on board to explain Siamese system v2.1, v2.5 and the new Siamese v4 PCI Amiga.
15. Many utilities and PD programs that work over RTG and aid the integration.
16. Available from Siamese Systems ltd or many dealers,

Siamese v2.5 to Siamese v4 PCI Amiga Upgrade offer.

Many people who have shown interest in the Siamese v4 PCI Amiga have asked if the deposit scheme could be made part of the Siamese v2.5 package. Therefore we have decided to offer the following special deal to people who want to pre order the Siamese v4 from us. Order Siamese v2.5 for 99.95 pounds sterling plus P&P direct from Siamese systems ltd before April 30th and we will put 50.00 pounds towards your deposit on the Siamese v4 system. With the 50.00 pounds discount this will mean that the Siamese v2.5 will actually work out free of charge. -- All the best

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