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Jan. 1, 1998

Re: Air Mail Pro v2.0 press release

Toysoft Development Inc. is pleased to announce the release of Air Mail Pro v2.0 for Magic User Interface (MUI).

Air Mail Pro is a powerful and yet easy to use Internet email program for sending and receiving messages using SMTP and POP protocols. Air Mail Pro has some impressive features that are not found on any Amiga email programs.

New features in Air Mail Pro v2.0 includes: You can choose three types of interface: Button, small icon or large icons. More preferences for user customization, multiple ASCII signatures, automatically get notified when a user receives your message (only works if both users are using Air Mail Pro), additional forms are included, also includes the Forms creator program to create your own forms, APOP authentication, Mail Peek to screen your messages before downloading , suppress recipient list, interface for PGP, completely localized for international users, Arexx for automated mailing. New Address Book database that includes full postal mailing address, email address, can include a picture of the user. Can sort messages on name, subject, date, size or mail status. New function that will let you mark messages in the mailboxes. New TrashCan and SentBox folders are added for message history keeping.

A new Helper preference has been added to support MIME formatted messages. Air Mail Pro can display any types of pictures eg: GIF, IFF, JPEG or PNG or play any types of sounds eg: IFF, AU or WAVE and animations such as MPEG, CDXL or Quicktime using the external helper programs.

Air Mail Pro runs on any Amiga with Workbench 2.0 and higher and is compatible with AmiTCP, Miami, TermiteTCP and Mlink. Air Mail Pro is $40.00 US plus $5.00 US for shipping and handling in North America and $7.00 US for shipping and handling worldwide.

For more information please contact your local dealer or Toysoft
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