AsimCDFS v3.9

Asimware Innovations Inc. Releases AsimCDFS v3.9

March 4th, 1998


Contact: Tammy Lynn Rodley (
Asimware Innovations Inc.
600 Upper Wellington Street, Unit #D
Hamilton, Ontario L9A 3P9

Phone: (905)575-1042

Asimware is proud to announce today's release of AsimCDFS v3.9.

This is a maintenance update for the AsimCDFS v3 package.

The update highlights include:

Added support for the following drives:
- Yamaha CDR-400 CD-R drive
- Yamaha CRW-4260 CD-RW drive
- Yamaha CRW-2260 CD-RW drive
- Sony CDU-926S CD-R drive
- Sony CDU-415 CD-ROM drive
- Plextor UltraPlex CD-ROM drive
- Plextor PX-R412C CD-R drive
- Teac CD-R55S CD-R drive
- Ricoh MP6200 CD-RW drive
- Ricoh MP6201 CD-RW drive
- Pioneer DR-503s (24x) CD-ROM drive
- Pioneer DR-506s (32x) CD-ROM drive
- Toshiba XM-6201B (32x) CD-ROM drive
- ATAPI CD-R/RW drives

AsimCDFS v3.9 also added the following:
- 4-way IDE splitter support for the Amiga 1200
- CDDA to 8svx 8-bit mono conversion in the virtual CD-Audio volume.
- updated the Inhibit dos packet to prevent any commands from being sent to the CD-ROM drive by asimcdfs.device
- asim_atapi.device now supports the complete trackdisk command suite
- asim_atapi.device now supports the NewStyleCommands protocol

Registered users can obtain this release via our WWW or ftp site.

You will need your AsimCDFS serial number to obtain access.

The AsimCDFS software package is a CD-ROM control system which allows the user to read most CD-ROM discs with an Amiga computer and a suitable SCSI or ATAPI CD-ROM drive.

AsimCDFS is equipped with the following advanced features:
- access to ISO 9660, High Sierra, Rock Ridge and Macintosh HFS CD-ROM formats;
- FishMarket, a CD-ROM disc containing the public domain Fred Fish collection;
- AsimTunes, an audio librarian/controller providing advanced librarian and playback features;
- support for direct digitizing from standard audio CDs and playing audio via the Amiga hardware;
- CDTV and CD32 emulation modules, complete with autobooting from CD-ROM discs;
- integrated support for Kodak and Corel PhotoCD discs. Colour WorkBench icons are created for easy identification. Support for resolutions from 192x128 up to 3072x2048;
- support for both SCSI and ATAPI CD-ROM drives;
- preferences editor for all AsimCDFS settings; and,
- full ARexx command set available for all programs.

Asimware Innovations Inc. is a Canadian software development house providing innovative software solutions since 1992. We are specialists in DVD, CD-ROM, CD-R and CD-RW technologies.

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