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In light of Gateway's purchase and the subsequent rekindling of the Amiga fire in the public consciousness, OS News recently published an article about the Amiga. OS News will continue to cover happenings in the Amiga world. also new: the launch of a regular column on Linux. This week, an introduction to Linux and its adherents. Also, check out our daily news for all the happenings on the OS front. Power PC fans might also be interested in several articles from last month's focus on Rhapsody, Apple's UNIX-based next generation OS.

OS News is an online magazine dedicated to alternative operating systems and computing environments, and the technology driven by them. Other major high tech news sources are constrained by the mainstream, and can give only scanty coverage to the most exciting aspect of computing: the leading edge, but OS News explores the future of computing, and since the future is ours to create, we want our readers, the architects of that future, to take part in the editorial process.

Recently OS News has been covering Rhapsody, Java, both as a language and an OS, the Be OS, Newton, UNIX and Linux, Lucent's Inferno, Network Computers, information appliances, even OS/2 and DOS. We also cover emerging technologies and do hardware and software reviews.

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