Miami v3.0


Holger Kruse
c/o Nordic Global Inc.
PO Box 780248

Phone/Fax: +1-407-249-5988

For immediate press release 02/25/98

Nordic Global Inc. has just released the new version 3.0 of our popular TCP/IP protocol stack "Miami".

Enhancements since version 2.x include:

- separate user interface modules for MUI and GTLayout, making it possible to unload the user interface code at runtime, and to use Miami without MUI, for users who prefer that

- support for SOCKSV4/V5 proxy servers

- support for DHCP, used by cable modems and ADSL

- completely new configuration tool "MiamiInit", now with support for K56Flex/X2 modems, ISDN TAs, ISDN boards, and local networks.

For more information on availability and upgrades please visit our web site:

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