Laplace v0.11






Benjamin Stegemann


Laplace is a symbolic algebra program that is quite similar to programs like MapleV or Mathematica. It tries to close the gap between those 'high-end' applications and the 'low-budget' sector.

You enter expressions in a window and the result is display below. You can define variables and functions that can be used in other expressions.


* works complete symbolic to avoid most rounding errors
* numerical integration
* 2D functionsplotter with animation
* symbolic derivation
* complex numbers
* vector and matrixcalculus
* asynchron calculation
* comfortable graphical interface
* english and german Manual


Laplace is a shareware program. I invested now more than two year in the development of it, and (in my holy opinion) it's quite a capable program.

The freely distributed version is not able to save projects and a nerving requester appears from time to time. For a fee of $15/DM20 you get a keyfile that enables all features and removes the nerving requester. You can find detailed information in the manual.

I set the shareware fee to a quite low price, because Laplace is still in an early phase of development (for quite a long time now...). This should be a motivation for you to register now, because the price will rise in the future (without any further expenses for those who are already registered. Updates are always free in the AmiNet).


Workbench 3.0 or higher.


in the AmiNet:
* misc/math/LaplaceBase.lha (Base archive)
* misc/math/Laplace000.lha(binaries for 68000 processor)
* misc/math/Laplace020.lha(binaries for 68020 processor)
* misc/math/Laplace020fp.lha (binaries for 68020 processor with FPU)

Currently there is only V0.10 available. Version 0.11 needs some more time, but I will release it soon.


Shareware fee of $15/DM20.


The packet is under copyright 1996-1998 by Benjamin Stegemann.

The version from the AmiNet can freely distributed as long as the archives remain unchanged. You are not allowed to modify or distribute a registered keyfile.

More information can be found in the manual.

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