MasterISO v2.0

Asimware Innovations Inc. Releases MasterISO v2.0
February 27th, 1998

Asimware is proud to announce today's release of MasterISO v2.0; our next generation CD-R/RW writing software program.

Building upon our years of experience in CD-ROM and CD-R software with AsimCDFS and MasterISO v1, we have re-designed MasterISO v2.0 from the ground up to provide an extremely stable CD-R/RW writing program. MasterISO v2.0 represents the input of hundreds of our users in both the design and testing phases. MasterISO v2.0 includes the features users have requested, organized in a logical and easy-to-use fashion.

New features in MasterISO include:
* Disc-At-Once writing;
* CD to CD-R/RW copying;
* Full File Manager for editing directory structures;
* On-the-fly writing from hard drive to CD-R/RW;
* Rock Ridge and Joliet file system support;
* Incremental multisession;
* Jukebox support for the Elms DVL (optional);
* Firmware update functionality for selected CD-R/RW drives.

MasterISO v2.0 comes with a comprehensive 228 page printed manual. This provides an invaluable reference and guide for both the novice and expert user alike.

MasterISO's graphical user interface is completely font-sensitive, supports Amiga screen modes and utilizes alternate language translations. German and Italian language files are standard.

Along with the features and power of MasterISO, we are equally pleased to announce our new suggested retail price of $89.00 (US$), or $119.00 (Canadian$). MasterISO is an affordable addition to your CD-R/RW drive.

We believe that MasterISO represents the future of CD-R/RW mastering software for the Amiga platform. But don't take our word for it - download our demonstration version, from either Aminet or our WWW site, and give it a try yourself. e.g.

Asimware Innovations Inc. is a Canadian software development house providing innovative software solutions since 1992. We are specialists in DVD, CD-ROM, CD-R and CD-RW technologies.

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