phase 5 License Agreement

Langen/Oberursel, Germany, March 9th, 1998 - AMIGA International, Inc. and phase 5 digital products today announced that they have signed a license agreement for the AMIGA OS 3.1 which will allow phase 5 to use AMIGA OS 3.1 in future products.

"We are glad to see that with phase 5 digital products another important developer and manufacturer in the AMIGA market shows his commitment towards the AMIGA OS 3.1", says Petro Tyschtschenko of AMIGA International, Inc. "As phase 5 has led the development of PowerPC products for the AMIGA, this is an important agreement which will give a momentum to the future development of AMIGA and AMIGA-compatible systems, an expectation which is also supported by the cooperation of the different licensees of our AMIGA technology", he adds.

The license agreement will allow phase 5 digital products to use AMIGA OS 3.1 in future products and thus expand the PowerUP product line by stand-alone systems; as a logical step, the company has immediately announced the development of such an independent computer system. "We are very glad that we have been able to negotiate an agreement which allows us to spend significant efforts into this new project, and we appreciate the support of AMIGA International, Inc. and especially Petro Tyschtschenko for our project", said Wolf Dietrich, General Manager of phase 5 digital products."This partnership shows the committment to the AMIGA and is an important signal for the future of the system.

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