Aural Bundle Offer

Get both Aural illusion AND Aural Synthetica now for 21 UK Pounds inc P&P.

Blachford Technology is proud to announce an immediate price cut allowing users to get both Aural illusion v2.0 and Aural Synthetica v1.1 for 21 UK Pounds including postage & packing. Previously the programs were 21 UK Pounds each.

About Aural illusion:

Aural illusion v2.0 is a Sample Creator, Editor and Mutator which features:

30 User controllable Sample Effects including

Reverb, Echo, Delay, Flanger, Chorus
7 Band Graphic Equalizer, Distortion, Enhancement,
Noise Gate, Time Stretch and Stereo Processing.

55 Sample Manipulations including:

Invert, Half & Full Wave Rectify, Flip, Centre,
Reverse, Clean, Thicken, Arithmetic functions,
Logic functions, 8 Filters and 8 Tuning options.

Morphing Wave Digital Synthesizer with:

Wave Morphing between 4 waves.
Fully variable Waves.
Wave Grabbing from Samples.
Fully variable Envelope.
Built in Phasing for richer sounds.
Any Length.

11 Sample Formats including:

IFF, AIFF, WAV, VOC, RAW (4 types).

Miscellaneous Functions:

Swap Samples, Swap Byte Order, ReScale,
Loudness, UnLoudness and Get Frequency.

About Aural Synthetica:

Aural Synthetica is a software sound creation program based around the modular synthesizers popular in the 1960's. A modular synthesizer works in any way you want it to, it is limited only by your imagination.

Aural Synthetica being based in software brings the benefits of digital technology without losing the analogue functions you would expect. You can create your own waveforms and morph between them if you wish, you can also make use of logic functions and bandwidth controls. Best of all Aural Synthetica does not go out of tune - unless that is you want it to. Aural Synthetica can do one thing that was impossible on modular systems - you can save your setup and reload it at any time.

Aural Synthetica is a very complex program but to make life easier there are preset "Basic Synthesizer" setups built into the program, these are comprised of a number of pre-connected modules and you are free to change the settings as much as you wish.

Aural Synthetica renders samples at CD quality and these can then be saved in the following formats: IFF, AIFF, WAV, MAUD and SAFF.

For more details & details on how to order visit us on the Web at:

Nicholas Blachford (Proprietor)
Blachford Technology

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