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Amiga full steam ahead in DES II challenge

The Amiga RC5 Team continues to make headway in the row of RSA Secret Key challenges, by participating in the Bovine Monarch/DES II challenge, now with the release of hybrid clients for participation in both the DES II and RC5-64 efforts. To prove the Amiga is both alive and viable, the clients come in 68k and PowerPC versions, the latter being one of the fastest amongst all platforms, reaching an amazing performance of almost 1 Megakey per second using the Motorola PowerPC 604e at a clock speed of 200 MHz.

These new levels of performance and cooperation have been reached thanks to Stefan Smietanowski's programming efforts and Steve Krueger's dedication to improving the SAS/C compiler for PowerPC equipped Amigas.

Since the DES II challenge is well ahead, we invite all Amiga fans with or without PowerPC accelerators to join us now and improve our ranking, perhaps find the key and win a part of the US$ 5000 award money.

The Amiga RC5 Team effort is also providing a mailinglist as a forum for the discussion on above topics and the effort in general.

For additional info on how to participate and more in depth explanation, please visit the Amiga RC5 Team effort homepage at:


Amiga RC5 Team effort coordinator
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