QMaster 1.0 DEMO


QMaster (for Studio 16)


1.0 DEMO


Kenneth Chr. Nilsen/Digital Surface



QMaster is an ARexx host which offers commands that can be accessed from ARexx scripts. QMaster provides commands to handle every aspect of Studio 16's cuelist files giving the ARexx programmer full control and making life much easier for the user.

The commands allow you to alter cuelist entries, tracks, preferences, remove, add, adjust, swap, copy entries and tracks, convert files to and from other formats, and in conjunction with other ARexx hosts you can do automated processes, on-air organizing, connect with other programs such as video and music editing software, databases, networks, multimedia packages and so on, to influence the cuelist files and more.

You don't have to be familar with ARexx programming to take advantage of what QMaster can offer. QMaster comes with several ARexx scripts that you can use just by double clicking their icons or by starting them from CLI/shell. More scripts will come in the future.


QMaster provide more than 40 commands to handle cuelists, convert times, provide requesters, information, resource tracking and more.

With QMaster you can:
- create cuelist files from scratch
- read/edit existing cuelist files
- read/add/remove/cut/swap and alter tracks (Audio/ARexx)
- read/add/remove and alter entries (Audio/ARexx)
- read/alter and set preferences
- load (add) and save track (TRAX) files
- copy and paste tracks
- do statistic operations
- interface directly with the Amiga's global vars (SetEnv/GetEnv)
- add progress bars to your scripts
- add informal requesters to your scripts
- add file and directory requesters to your scripts
- add string requesters to your scripts
- convert between SMPTE (PAL/NTSC) and seconds
- optionally auto detect video system (PAL/NTSC)
- define 50,000 entries (100 tracks with 5000 entries on each)
- get online help
- invoke RESOURCE TRACKING if needed at any time

and more...

QMaster is written in assembler to achieve optimal speed in processing comands and content. QMaster has been through several weeks of beta-testing and proves to be stable.

The archive comes with several public domain ARexx scripts which you can run from Workbench as well as from CLI:

AllToAny- sets all play/rec channels to "Any"
AppendCuelists - merges two cuelist files horizontally w/ grouping
CMXtoCUE- converts CMX EDL to cuelist format opt. database
CountCuelist - statistic info
DumpCue - dumps info about all tracks/entries in cuelist
FindEntry - search for an entry by keyword
FixPaths- fixes entry paths if samples are moved on HD
GroupEvents- search for keyword in events and group them
ListEntries- dumps different entries used (one of each)
MergeCuelists - same as Studio 16's built-in function with extras
NameToCue - for fun, converts a string to cuelist 'letters'
ReplaceEntries - search by keyword and select new from requester
SampleTime - shows SMPTE time in PAL/NTSC (AUTO) for a sample
StereoJukebox - puts samples in a dir after one each other on cue
StripEmpty - removes empty tracks from a cuelist file
TestVideo - test script to auto detect video system

You can also find tutorial scripts that show how to use some of the comands in QMaster.


- QMaster require MC68020 or better.
- QMaster require OS 2.04 or better (developed on 3.1)


Demo version is available from Aminet, e.g.
ftp://ftp.doc.ic.ac.uk/aminet/mus/misc/qmaster.lha (94884 bytes)

Registred version is only available directly from author.


QMaster is shareware. Read doc file for current prices. The DEMO version is crippled (clips at 4 tracks and 15 entries/track when saving and contains a nerve requester).

Support of QMaster will support further development for Studio 16 add-ons.


Freely distributable as SHAREWARE.


If you would like to join the Studio 16 mailing list you may write to majordomo@thule.no and type in body text: 'subscribe studio16 <your email>' without ' and <>. No subject is needed. After confimation use the address studio16@thule.no.

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