Aminet Gateway for Webmasters

*Introducing the Aminet Gateway for webmasters*

After much agonizing over the disappearance of the Aminet Global File Server, the Aminet Gateway has been created for Amiga webmasters.

The Aminet Gateway provides a simple solution to any Amiga webmaster wanting to allow his visitors the fastest access possible. You can directly link to any of the complete Aminet mirrors located in the US, UK, Germany, Sweden, Italy and Australia without having to specifically reference each server and wasting precious page real estate. A simple cycle gadget presents the visitor with the selection of sites, and the server redirects the request to the appropriate Aminet mirror that the user selected.

*How does it work?*

The Aminet Gateway provides you with the HTML code to insert on your web page, you simply insert the correct Aminet archive path in it, and the fast server processes the request and sends back to the browser the real address of the file that the user requested. This usually takes less than a second, but can change depending on net congestion.

*Where to go!*

Please visit for information of how to use this new service.

You should also register your use of the service in order to be informed of upgrades, by emailing including your email address in the message of the email.

Henry Blackman, Programmer

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