Power Solutions Distributes Simmfonie

Power Solutions acquires North American distribution rights for Simmfonie.

Winnipeg, MB, November 1, 1997-Power Solutions has reached agreement with Gruner Buerotechnik to acquire N.A. distribution rights for Simmfonie. Simmfonie is a new SIMM adapter for the Amiga 3000 Desktop. Tower versions are available on request. More detailed information is included below. Simmfonie is aggressively priced at $80 CAD: that is about $60 USD at the latest exchange rate. Power Solutions is a new, Amiga only, Canadian company working towards better distribution of Amiga products.



SimmfonieA3000 (SIMMinA3000)




Kato Development Group


Germany: Gruner Buerotechnik, Hamburg
Tel: 49 (0)40 72910478
Fax: 49 (0)40 72910477

US/CA : Power Solutions
Tel/Fax: 1-204-453-0527

You may even contact the developers directly by writing to katodev@usa.net (Torsten or Joern) or calling me by phone: +49 (0)4152 841391


As you may know the A3000 and the Tower make use of ZIP-type Memory which was inexpensive in the past but now is highly overpriced.

Simmfonie simply implements the SIMM sockets in the A3000. Ofcourse you could still pay somewhere between $10 to $15 USD per meg for SC ZIP Ram. The ZIP Ram only provides a slight speed advantage, about 15%. That is hardly worth paying the extra money.

Simmfonie can use EDO ram but there are no speed benefits. This is a limitation of the chipset used in the A3000(T) not Simmfonie.

Faster SIMMs are recommended because there is hardly any price difference at all. As well, faster SIMMs would be more usefull when upgrading to a CPU board that has on board SIMM sockets. You could use 4MB or 8MB modules. The 8MB module is recommended because there are only two SIMM slots available on the SIMMfonie for a maximum of 16MB fast ram.

Simmfonie uses an industrial HQ board and golden steel connectors which are placed in the ZIP sockets on the mainboard of the A3000(T).


The installation is more difficult than it is for a Zorro board. If you follow the step by step instructions outlined in the manual it is no problem. None of the Simmfonie adaptors have been returned due to a defect in the product. No machine or memory problems have been reported after installation.


Make sure to request the proper model of Simmfonie. There is a different version for the A3000T. It's not possible to use the adapter together with a CPU board, but since most have on-board sockets, this doesn't really matter.


- Immediately in Europe
- November 1, 1997 in North America


Simmfonie for Amiga 3000 Desktop $80 CAD about $60 USD

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