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phase 5 License Agreement Phase5 goes official with AmigaOS
ImageFX 3.0 The image processing master gets updated
ImageFX 3.0 Now Shipping Now out!
Ports for phase5's PowerUP Systems These should keep PowerPC card owners busy for a while
Future Amiga Processor(s) Joe Torre of Amiga Inc. speaks out.
MasterISO v2.0 Burning CDs the easy way
Laplace v0.11 Mathematical package in the Maple/Mathematica vein
Miami v3.0 The latest edition of the TCP masterpiece
Wildfire\5(_PPC) & Aminet Set 6 Keep up to date with Aminet
Amiga Article in OS News Not quite "mainstream" coverage, but...
AsimCDFS v3.9 CD filesystem update
RabbitPatterns 7 Patterns.
Games Master System v0.9B Integratable game creation package
Air Mail Pro v2.0 The e-mail client updated
Vulcan Looking For Programmers A call to join the growing Vulcan game label
Siamese RTG Package on CD-ROM Siamese gets more accessible
Power Solutions Distributes Simmfonie Get rid of ZIPs...
Tiger's Bane Game release from a friend of AR
Amiga Universe Web Site The obligatory "new Amiga homepage" item
HTDS HyperGuide Datatype Amiga- and HyperGuide datatype
FUSION Mailing List For the latest news and discussion of the Mac emulator
Phonebill v3.6 Logfile analyzer program
date.library v33.297 Date calculation library for programmers
Homegrown Software Releases Moonbases New Amiga game team
Time.mcc 12.5 MUI time.mcc tie-in
S16StampRegions v1.1 Studio16 SMPTE positioning tool
Lib-Install v43.0 Assists in installing shared libraries
Ubiqx Utility Modules Some GNU C modules for programmers
MCCLib v12.5 For developing MUI custom classes
Studio2AIFF v2.1 Studio16 audio conversion tool
UltraAccounts 4.4 Update of the home accounting software
Catalyzer: Video Tutorial for ImageFX Legacy Maker's first ImageFX tutorial
PanCanvas Motion Control for ImageFX
Catalyzer 2: Creative Compositing New from Legacy Maker, Inc.
CheckHTML v1.5 Verifies compliance with the HTML 4.0 standard
Aminet Gateway for Webmasters A simple way to mirror Aminet
QMaster 1.0 DEMO ARexx/Studio16 integration program
The Amiga RC5 Team Back to cracking encryption keys!
RC5-64 Client for PowerPC Here's how to do it
The UNIversal datatypes VIEWer v40.4 A "real" Multiview replacement
Aural Bundle Offer Good deal on audio software
HTDS HTML HyperText SubClass v40.8 An in-progress HTML datatype
MagicMenu Home Page If you think MagicMenu is really great...
POV-Ray v3.02c The free raytracing program
MonthNavigator.mcc v16.5 MUI custom class for user date input
Vulcan America Changes Operators Now, call Turtle Lightning for Vulcan games
TWinIFF Conversion Tool PC tool for quick IFF conversions
Picture Manager professional V5 The premier image cataloguing program
Descent Source Code Now free!
MakeCD v3.1 Burn CD-ROMs like a pro
Changes at Cronus Sadly, Fred Fish exits the Amiga market
ABackup v5.20 Keep your data safe...
PYROMANIA CLASSICS Pro-quality explosion animations for anim and filmmakers
Team AMIGA Mailing List Follow the saga of Team Amiga
New User Group For Southern New Mexico and El Paso