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That's really about all I have to say about the really long delay of Amiga Report 6.01.

Well, ok, I have a little more to say, but none of it is particularly good. Yes, I'm bothered that it took me about 6 months to do one lousy issue of the magazine. Yes, I had a lot of other stuff to do--I have to find a job, and when I'm not finding a job, I'm working on a very important paper which I have only a month left to complete.

And I can't really tell you that I'm going to have a lot more time in the near future. AR will be published more often than twice a year, but I'm not willing to make any sort of promises beyond that.

I suppose it's symbolic, in a way, of the malaise that's settled over the Amiga market. It's not very hard to figure out the problem--there's a big black hole in South Dakota, which the Amiga has been sucked into, and like light, has yet to escape back into our dimension.

To their credit, the small group at Amiga Inc. have been fairly sporting about letting people yell at them, but that doesn't change the fundamental fact that people expect better treatment from an existing firm than they do from a bankrupt firm, but they're not getting it. And that's not something I can change. All I can do is say that it's affected me, too, and I hope it changes as much as you do.

Meanwhile, I've been able to do a number of neat things with my Amiga when I've had time to...the PowerPC card is actually quite interesting and, while software is not overflowing just yet, what is out is pretty good. We've got a look at some neat products in this issue and should get caught up on some reviews in AR 6.02, but I'll forgive you if you don't hold your breath.

The World of Amiga show to be held in two weeks' time may bring some information worth discussion--there's an exhibitor with "TBA" status, and it's expected that might be someone who has some information for us. Only time shall tell...and if it is something earth-shattering, we'll bring you a special edition.

You've waited a long time for this issue, so I won't keep you any longer.

- Jason

PS: Well, ok, just one more thing. Remember Escom? Ok, of course. Now, remember Escom Netherlands? They survived the Escom bankruptcy and bought the Commodore trademark to become Commodore NL. But they were absorbed into Tulip Computers when they ran into financial trouble.

Seems that Tulip's in serious trouble now, too. They'd been promoting the Commodore name as the former Escom NL had, but their creditors have pulled the plug and they look a good candidate for liquidation.

So--was the curse just attached to the Commodore name?