Tiger's Bane

Longbow Digital Arts
General Delivery,
Providence Bay, ON,
P0P 1T0, Canada

Contact: longbow@sympatico.ca

November 13, 1997 - Earlier this week Longbow Digital Arts (LDA) announced the release of Tiger's Bane, its first shareware release for the Amiga family of personal computers. Tiger's Bane is a mix of side-scrolling action game and flight simulation, letting the player experience modern helicopter warfare through a combination of fast action graphics and realistic flight controls, weapon systems, and battlefield hardware.

Tiger's Bane isn't your average action game, according to Seumas McNally, the game's designer, "I wanted to create a game that would blend the excitement and action of a side view shoot-'em-up with some of the realism of a flight simulation. In Bane you have to think before mindlessly firing off your weapons, and you have to think about which weapons and helicopters to bring along in the first place."

The registered version of Tiger's Bane features 5 Operations with more than 80 missions in total, 7 flyable helicopters, up to two computer controlled wingmen, F-16 and A-10 air support, over 25 different enemy and allied ground, air, and sea units, weather effects, night and day missions, multiple skill levels, and a random mission generator.

Tiger's Bane is currently available from the Longbow Digital Arts web site at "http://www.kanservu.ca/~longbow/", or through your local AmiNet archive mirror site as "/pub/aminet/game/shoot/TigersBane.lha".

ABOUT LONGBOW DIGITAL ARTS: LDA is a computer software and 3D animation production company; founded in 1997, they are currently developing action and strategy games for the Amiga, BeOS, and Windows operating systems.

Amiga is a registered trademark of Gateway 2000, Inc. BeOS is a trademark of Be, Inc. Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

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