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Toronto, Sep. 30, 1997

Dear Amiga users,

we would like to introduce you to a brand new concept called


No, it's not a new game, as a matter of fact, it has very little to do with games.

"clickBOOM Amiga web ring" is our non-profit project intended to connect all (personal and commercial) Amiga web sites on Internet!

It's a brave plan, and for it to ultimately succeed we need all Amiga web site owners to join this magnificent way of making the Amiga web presence stronger and more organized.

If you have an Amiga-related web site, this absolutely FREE way of promoting is a must. It will improve traffic on your site, while also contributing to linking all Amiga web sites in the most efficient way.

We will outline the basic principles and benefits of Amiga web ring here, but for the complete information and application form, please visit .

1. How does it work?
2. Benefits for web surfers
3. Benefits for owners of personal home pages
4. Benefits for commercial web sites


Imagine for a moment that every Amiga web site on its front page has a simple control panel, similar in looks to that of a CD player.

A visitor to any site in this "Amiga ring" can simply click on the "next" button to jump to the next site in the ring. He can then explore this new site, and at any time use the panel from this site to go to the next one in the ring.

Going from one site to another would allow a user to eventually visit all Amiga web pages and after making a "full circle" he would be back to the site where he started from.

In addition to this, the ring allows a user to go in both "directions", skip, see the next/previous five sites, or jump to a random site in the ring.

This might seem like a complicated thing, but once you see it on the main page of or , you will realize how simple, yet effective it can be.


clickBOOM Amiga ring is a dream come true for any surfer looking for Amiga information on the web:

1. A simple uniform control panel allows for easy "flow" from one Amiga site to another. This will discover hidden Internet Amiga gems - and that's what surfing the Net is about.

2. Visit all Amiga related sites, no matter how small or large - from a personal web site of an Amiga user in Alaska to a manufacturer or retailer carrying Amiga products. No more same few links, over and over on every web site.

3. No need to use search engines to look for Amiga sites.

4. No dead links! As soon as any site is removed from the web, it is also removed from the ring, and panels on all sites are instantly "informed" not to use that site anymore.


1. Adds traffic to web sites. ANY VISITOR to ANY SITE in the clickBOOM Amiga ring is a potential visitor to your site, as well!

2. A site next to a high traffic one like clickBOOM will receive all the hits from surfers who choose "next" from such a site!

3. No programming, or maintenance necessary. Once the HTML code is added to the page, it automatically handles traffic from and to the web site.

4. It's absolutely, positively FREE!


No matter how popular a site is, it can never have too many users visiting it. Amiga web ring will increase traffic on any site, guaranteed.

1. ANY VISITOR to ANY SITE in Amiga ring is a potential visitor to your web site!

2. All surfers to use the ring are Amiga users looking for more information on the web.

3. Commercial web sites can even use an alternative panel without a clickBOOM logo, no questions asked. (contact us first to obtain such panel)

4. It's FREE!


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