Seventh Edition - November 29 and 30, 1997 - Milan, Italy

IPISA is an annual computer conference that is held in Milan, Italy. This year the conference program features over 27 talks, and among them:

Be Europe - Paris, France
BeOS Preview Release Demo (PowerPC and Intel versions)

Thomas Bushnell - Free Software Foundation, Cambridge, Mass., United States
HURD: The GNU Operating System

Richard Stallman - Free Software Foundation, Cambridge, Mass., United States
The GNU Project: its mission, its history, and its future plans

Sun Microsystems
The Java Platform (TM)

Aaron Digulla et al. - Konstanz, Germany
AROS: Amiga Replacement OS Project

Haage & Partner - Rosbach, Germany
Optimizing software for the PowerPC Amiga and platform independent development

Urban Muller - Switzerland
Aminet, or: How to bring Power to the People

Wouter van Oortmerssen - The Netherlands
Aardappel Programming Language and Amiga E update

On our web page: http://bilbo.di.unipi.it/ipisa/

you should find everything you need to know about IPISA, some pictures and maps, and how to attend it.

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