Fiasco 2.1


Fiasco 2.1


Nils Bandener
Dekanatsgasse 4
34369 Hofgeismar


Fiasco is an easy to use and powerful database program. Many different types of databases can be created with Fiasco. The structure of a database is defined with the mouse in a style guide compliant mask editor. While designing the mask you can choose from a wide range of field types, including listview fields and datatypes fields. To add complex functionality, Fiasco features an ARexx port and a formula system for calculated fields. The record access system is dynamic, thus you can use databases that are larger than your available RAM.

Additional features include an import/export function, a print function and a powerful search function.


- Support of formulae for calculated fields
- Improved search function that can search by several fields and by formulae.
- Revised ARexx port.
- Var String fields may be displayed in the list window.
- Float, date and time fields use locale.library for formatting.


The minimum requirements for Fiasco are Amiga OS 2.04 and 1 MB RAM. The recommended configuration, that allows the use of all Fiasco features, is Amiga OS 3.x, 68020 processor, 2 MB RAM and a hard disk.

Fiasco 2.1 requires gtlayout.library (v42 or highet). It is included in the distribution archive.


Fiasco can be downloaded from the Fiasco support homepage

or from any Aminet mirror, e.g.:


Fiasco 2.1 is shareware. The price is 25 US Dollars or 30 DM plus shipping. Senders of gifts for Fiasco 1.x can get a free registration.


Fiasco Copyright 1995-1997 Nils Bandener.
Distribution archives may be freely distributed.

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