tcpdl 2.3






Tim Corringham
Ramjam Consultants Ltd


tcpdl is a program which downloads files from a http host. It can follow links (across sites if required), and can be configured to ignore certain file types.

It makes full use of AmigaDOS multi-tasking, and can download up to 15 files at a time. A status window reports current activity.

tcpdlpp is a post processor for html files downloaded by tcpdl, which converts all links to those files downloaded to relative URLs. Links to files that have not been downloaded are made to explicitly refer to the site where they can be found.

tcpdlpp provides a summary of the number of occurances of every link found, for both downloaded files and remote URLs.

Using these programs together allows you to make a local copy of selected sites, which can be browsed off-line. Links to files that have not been downloaded can be followed when you are on-line.


tcpdl 2.3 has the following new features:
- support for proxy servers
- configurable timeouts and number of retries
- better memory management, reducing memory fragmentation
- several minor bug fixes


tcpdl requires a TCP/IP stack, and an Internet connection.


The most recent version of tcpdl is always available from: (50260)
or via e-mail to


The tcpdl 2.3 distribution is FREE!


tcpdl 2.3 and tcpdlpp 1.4 are Copyright (c) 1997 by Ramjam Consultants Ltd.

The complete distribution may be distributed without charge for non-commercial use.

There is no requirement to register its use, but anyone who does so will be kept informed of future updates.

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