PC-Task 4.3 Released

PC-Task 4.3 has now been released! This major upgrade and demonstration version is available from the PC-Task web site at:

PC-Task 4.3 now has the ability to run Windows 95*. With higher compatibility, ability to use up to 64Mb RAM under MS-DOS, and improved video support, this new version can run most modern-day software.

* We do not recommend you try to install Windows 95 unless you have a very fast Amiga (68060). While it will work, the slow speed would make it very painful to use.

PC-Task 4.3 Specifications

With 80486 compatibility, now you are able to run that much needed software, and with the development of Dynamic Compilation you are able to experience major speed increases over previous versions. PC-Task is the fatest PC software emulation available on the Amiga, and is a necessity if you need to run PC software.

See below for a full wrap-up.


PC-Task 4




Chris Hames


Published exclusively by:

Quasar Distribution
P.O. Box 101
Victoria 3133

Phone +61 3 9887 2411
Fax +61 3 9887 2511

E-Mail pctask@ozemail.com.au
Internet: http://www.ozemail.com.au/~pctask


PC-Task 4 is the fastest software 80486 emulator for the Amiga range of computers.

The following features are included in this release:
- 80486 compatibility
- FPU Emulation
- The fastest software PC emulator for the Amiga
- Uses Dynamic Compilation for speed.
- Support for up to 64MB RAM (63MB extended) under MS-DOS
- Up to 2 floppy drives and 2 hard drives supported
- Supports multiple hard disk files and hard disk partitions
- High density floppies and CD-ROM support
- Select from MDA, CGA, EGA, VGA and SVGA (512K-2MB) video modes
- Support for up to 256 colours on AGA machines
- Compatible with graphic boards (eg. Cybergraphics, EGS Spectrum, Picasso)
- Parallel, Serial and PC speaker emulation
- Mouse support, including Serial Mouse emulation
- Run multiple PC-Task processes on the same machine
- Run MS-DOS applications in a window on a public screen (eg. Workbench)
- Transfer files between your Amiga and MS-DOS
- Support for David Salamon's GoldenGate bridge cards
- Compatible with MS Windows 3.0 - 3.11 *
- Compatible with Windows 95 (not recommended unless you have a 68060)

* Windows 3.1 requires 1.5 MB contiguous RAM and sufficient hard disk space

NOTE: MS-DOS is NOT included.


PC-Task 4 is available now in both English and German versions.

AUTHORISED DISTRIBUTORS (Current as of October 17th 1997)

Australia (and anywhere else not listed)

Quasar Distribution
P.O. Box 101
Victoria 3133

Phone +613 9887 2411
Fax +613 9887 2511


Wizard Developments
PO Box 490,
Dartford, Kent
England DA1 2UH

Phone +44 (0)1322 527800
Fax +44 (0)1322 527810


GTI Grenville Trade International GmbH
Carl-Zeiss-Str. 9
79761 Waldshut-Tiengen

Phone: 07741 83040
Fax: 07741 830438
WWW: http://www.grentrade.com

Canada & North America

Wonder Computers
1315 Richmond Road
Ottawa, Ontario
K2B 8J7

Phone: 613-721-1993
Fax: 613-721-1994


AG Computer
Plebis Rea, 25 A/B
92100 Agrigento

Phone: 0922/21954
Fax: 0922/27805

New Zealand

Haydon Computers
P.O. Box 12018
Christchurch >br?New Zealand

Phone/Fax: ++64 3 3899674


Prof. Brochs gt. 6
N-7030 Trondheim, Norway

Phone: +47 7354 0375
Fax: +47 7394 3861

All distribution enquiries should be directed to Quasar Distribution.


An Amiga computer with AmigaOS 2.0 or greater, a 68020 or greater and a minimum of 2Mb RAM.


Please contact your local distributor for pricing and availability.


Registered users of Version 3.0/3.1 of PC-Task can upgrade for a cost of AUD$60 (including delivery). Please remember to supply your registration number.

Users of the Quasar Distribution package who have not returned their product registration card, should contact Quasar Distribution, or their local authorised distributor for upgrade pricing and availability.

Registered users of version 2.0 or before can upgrade for AUD$84.00 including delivery.


A demo version of PC-Task 4.3 is availble from our web page at

You will also find this on most Amiga BBSs and Amiga Internet archives, such as Aminet (will be in misc/emu/PC-TaskDemo43.lha).

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