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A few years ago I wrote a program called IconDeluxe. It was an icon editor for use under Workbench 2.04 and up. It was favorably reviewed in several Amiga magazines, and was shareware, with a price of $10 or $15 (I can't remember anymore)...

I'm not developing Amiga software anymore, and have moved on to develop for BeOS. If you don't know about it, you should definitely find out! It has been referred to as Amiga '97 by Amiga fans, and a large number of developers for it are ex-Amigans (and current Amigans, for that matter). BeOS is a truly modern operating system and is amazing!

Anyway, I'm not developing for the Amiga anymore, in fact I don't even have my old A500 now. The registrations have stopped coming in, but people have been requesting updates occasionally, which I can't provide. (Even when I had my A500, I couldn't properly develop IconDeluxe for the then new AGA machines). So I've decided it's time for a change. I'm making the full version publicly accessible. It'll still be shareware, so if you use it, please register, I did put a lot of work into IconDeluxe and I can still use the money, but it's more of an if-you-feel-like-it-and-you are-really-nice kind of shareware. I won't even specify a price; whatever you think it's worth. The registered version still contains the old copyright messages, etc., but I suppose this public announcement is sufficient to negate that.

It is available at

I'm also making the source code publicly available, so if anyone wants to update it to work well on AGA macines, work with the other icon tools that are out there, or just update the copyright information to reflect its current state, go ahead, it would be nice to see IconDeluxe continue to mature even after it has left my hands. Distribution of modified versions of IconDeluxe is fine, I just ask that my name and email address, and current street address (9122 Regents Rd., Apt. I, La Jolla, CA 92037 USA) remain in the credits with a suitable shareware request consistent with the status of IconDeluxe that I've described here. Anyone who releases modified versions of IconDeluxe is free to add himself or herself to the credits. Modified versions may be placed in any public archive. If you make a modified version and release it publicly, please release it with the modified source code as well, so that if other people want to modify it further they will be able to build from there instead of having to duplicate effort. Also, if modified versions are publicly released, please send me an email and let me know where to get it. I'd like to add important modified versions to my IconDeluxe web page archive.

A word of warning: A while after the demo version of IconDeluxe was released (it wasn't crippled, but had a save delay) a pirate version surfaced in which the save delay was removed. I got pissed off and added a land mine to the public version: if the save delay was removed, it would erase the cracker's hard drive if he wasn't careful in how he modified the program (hehehe). This code is still in the source. It is encapsulated in #ifdef PUBLIC, and is conditional on the save delay having been removed to trigger the trap, but make sure to be careful and remove that code anyway.

BTW if any pirates stepped on the land mine, and are reading this now, send me an email. I'm just curious and it would be good for a laugh (maybe you can laugh back at it too so long after the fact). This isn't a trap either, it's a public and legally binding guarantee of amnesty. As I said, I'm just curious.

If anyone has any questions, I can be reached by email at btietz@biomail.ucsd.edu.

Brian Tietz

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