CallMan 1.2


CallMan 1.2


Alexander 'Sascha' Fichtner
Vulpiusstr. 99
81739 Muenchen


CallMan is an integrated phone dialer, logfile analyzer, cost calculator and small address manager.

CallMan uses MUI.

CallMan saves you the time looking for your address book and allows you to manage your addresses using its database. Using a modem connected to your Amiga you can let CallMan dial up any of the persons in your database. As soon as dialling has been completed the phone call will be returned to your telephone. Some informations on each phone call (date, time, duration, conversation partner) will be saved to a logfile.

Furthermore CallMan can switch to "TelephoneBill" mode, calculating the total costs of your phone calls within regular (free adjustable) intervals. As a bonus CallMan can analyze the ASCII logfiles of the following programs and add these costs to your total costs: Miami (TCP/IP stack), Term and NComm (terminal software), MultiFax (fax software), MultiTerm/KIT (BTX software), Trapdoor (FIDO point program).

CallMan offers the possibility to analyze these logfile. You can view a list of all phone/modem calls, the total time of all calls, and their total costs. You can restrict the analysis using different criteria.

Using the statistics option you can have a look at the number and costs of all the different calls.


- Trapdoor scanner/analyzer
- extended "Analyze" window
- support for external logfiles in "Analyze" window
- modem statistics
- extended database
- support for multiple phone numbers
- ASCII import module
- several bug fixes


- Requires: AmigaOS 3.0, MUI 3.3+, 1 MByte RAM.
- Recommended: AmigaOS 3.1, hard drive, additional memory and an accelerator, a Hayes-compatible modem and a telephone hooked to the same phone line.


Available via FTP from Aminet sites.
(177802 bytes)


Shareware registration fee is $15 or DM20 (or equivalent).


Shareware. Archive is freely distributable.

CallMan is Copyright (C) Alexander 'Sascha' Fichtner 1997

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