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This tool is used locally to move the files you have in your download directory to a local Aminet mirror on your harddisk. The program uses the *.readme files and the "Type:" field to determine where to put the files. If drawer(s) of the Type: field don't exists MTM will create them when needed. It also uses the Short: field (which is required in Aminet readme files) as filecomment for the main archive.


o New options.
o Checks filesize on old files and dumps it before copy/move (in verbose mode only).
o Bugfix: "couldn't create dir .." is fixed - was due to problems with files downloaded via a PC which add character code 13 (RETURN code) to each line of the readme.
o Bugfix: make comment before moving/copying file.


o Uses the README file to determine where to put the files.
o If sub dirs of the destination (e.g. "util/misc") don't exist MTM will create the sub dirs.
o It can add file comments using the "Short:" field of the readme file. If used, the original file comment can be moved to the readme file.
o Can add short: as a file comment before move in case if there is missing a type: field.
o Can clone the original file's attributes such as file comment, date, and protection bits.
o Can use pattern matching to move certain files.
o Can either copy the files or move them (deletes the originals).
o You can choose to only copy the main files and exclude the readme files.
o You can choose to uppercase or lowercase all the sub dir names.
o Auto-corrects bad "type:" settings (ie. types with spaces).
o Debug/verbose option to watch every action.
o Prints size of the existing file (if any) and the new file size.
o Very fast copying routine (large-buffered).
o Small in size (core ~5 KB + texts and startup) and quick due to beeing written in assembler.

Please read the guide file for detailed information!


Required: OS 2.04 or better


Aminet, e.g.




Distributed as Emailware.

Support and maintainance is based entirely on feedback.

MoveToMirror (MTM) is Copyright (c)1996-1997 by Kenneth "Kenny" Nilsen/ Digital Surface.

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