dignet.library 4.0b Final Release






Kenneth "Kenny" Nilsen/
Digital Surface

EMail: kenny@bgnett.no
URL: http://www.bgnett.no/~kenny/


- ARexx host added. Now you can use almost all functions in the library from ARexx scripts.
- 12 new functions added such as conversing text, setting flags in an easy way and more (some still private - see FD file).
- special version provided for kickstart 1.3 users.
- should work with any CPU (MC68000(?)-MC68060).
- improved include files (Asm, SAS/C, Modula 2, Basic).


This is a library that will make serial network handling easy. It contains a set of functions that will do most of the "dirty" work for you. All you need to do is to allocate a net and then read and write to/from that net. Net here is a device, for example serial.device or a compatible device (such as the duart.device, artser.device .. and so on).

With help from this library you can connect games and programs via nullmodem cable or modem in a relativly comfortable way. It has it's own modem functions to deal with modem dial-up/receive. Ideal if want to create your own BBS package or want to connect programs via modem.

The library provides integrated resource tracking. The resource tracking allows you to free memory, ports, devices that is used by a program that are suspended or terminate without a clean-up. The resource tracking also prevents you from free-ing an invalid pointer to a net. These functions are public available.

Now the library also provides an integrated ARexx host so you can use almost every function in the library from your ARexx scripts.

Archive includes developer information, demo sources and full charset converter tables (eg. IBN <-> ISO and more).

Some of the important features of this library:

- ARexx (from 4.0)
- resource tracking (from v2.1+)
- easy use, just like DOS functions (open(), read/write()..)
- own functions for dial-up/receive modem calls
- string/text/binary support (all-in-one)
- text converting (PC/Amiga)
- is painless and straight forward to use - only five basic functions needed to provide networking in your programs.
- provides pointers if you need more advanced usage (eg. Wait(), signals, DoIO() etc.) It still can do the dirty work creating a device IO request a.s.o.
- fully re-entrant (more connections open at the same time)
- ready-for-use when allocating a net successfully
- easy to set and change default parameters
- fast and small routines (written in assembler)

Read the guide file or autodoc for more information.

This will be the last release on my part.


Required: OS 2.04 or better


and other full mirror Aminet sites.

Source code
- Example sources on how to setup and use the library included (a simple terminal program).
- Also includes ARexx script examples.




Distributed as freeware.

Special notes/distribute conditions:

Freeware authors: The library file can be distributed as a standalone file in your own archive as long as you include a credit (read autodoc) or include the readme file of the library in the same directory as the library file exists. You may distribute the whole archive as it came from Aminet without the need for a credit in the program or the readme file included in your archive.

Shareware/Commercial authors can also include the file as a standalone file, but they should under any circumstances include a visable (to user) credit in their programs. If the library does more than about 25% of the functionallity in the program, then the library is not allowed to be used without a license agreement. Shareware or commercial authors can buy themselves free from the credit requirement in their programs. I also consider the purpose of the program and what the fee is for the particular program. Take contact for more information/requests.

dignet.library is Copyright (c) 1997 by Kenneth "Kenny" Nilsen/ Digital Surface.

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