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*The Uropa2 CDRom is now officially released*

You are the newest edition to the Centurion Task Force, your mission is to save Uropa2 from destruction at the hands of the Kapone droids. Communications with the moon have ceased and the fate of the colonists is unknown. Your task is to rescue any colonists that have survived, destroy the Kapones and ultimately seek out the mastermind behind their rebellion. Uropa2 offers a unique gaming experience! Your mission based adventures cover a multitude of 3D Isometric locations connected by a 3D Vector Light-Sourced environment in which you will need to master the arts of Hovar flight and battle skills.

Minimum Specs

Any Amiga, Hard Drive, 68000 CPU, 2Mb Memory (1Mb Chip, 1Mb Any) 4x speed CD ROM Drive.

Game Specs

10 Gigantic, Strategy Based Missions
3D Isometric Action Adventure
3D Vector Light-Sourced Locations
Myriad's of tactical Problems to Solve
Full Digital Speech Throughout
Progressive Weapons and Status Capabilities
Linear Plot Progression
Full Blown 3D Rendered Intro Animation
Highly Configurable to allow for Individual Preferences
Extra Hovar Wars Game with Serial Link Up for Two Players

In addition, Uropa2 supports the following languages: English, German, Italian, French, Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish, Danish, Portuguese and Czech
R.R.P. - 29.99 (UK Pounds)
Available from all good retailers around the world or direct from our primary distributor
Weird Science Ltd (0116) 246 3800


THE FINAL ODYSSEY - This masterpiece of a game will be released at the end of November. Best described as an Action/Adventure/Puzzler, the Final Odyssey combines detailed and entertaining graphics and gameplay to perfection. You play the part of Theseus on his quest to free six rather lovely maidens from the evil clutches of the Minotaur. The Final Odyssey is so vast that we have been unable to reach the end (somewhat disturbing as we're supposed to be testing it) but then rather unsurprising as some of the levels reconstruct themselves everytime you play......

Peter Spinaze is Vulcan's multi talented developer of this fine game. The beautifully crafted graphics in The Final Odyssey have won Peter a scholarship at Silicon Studio which is a state of the art international facility dedicated to training digital artists.

Silicon Studio is one of only 3 flagship training centres world-wide and is the most advanced digital media training centre in the industry in the Asia Pacific region to date.

Peter's particular scholarship is a 3D Animation scholarship. He is using Alias/Wavefront PowerAnimator as his 3D Rendering software and using the latest Silicon Graphics hardware. The same gear they used to make Jurassic Park etc. The hardware consists of O2's, Octane's, and an Onyx2 Infinite Reality supercomputer.

We are all very proud of him here at Vulcan but not at all surprised.

Kind Regards
Lisa Tunnah
Vulcan Software Limited

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