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Amiga Report Distribution Changes in the distribution methods
IPISA '97 The latest international conference
Vulcan Upcoming Releases Vulcan Software announces their latest games
AWeb-II 3.0b Patch Released AmiTrix makes an update available
Honorable Mention Hits 500 Positive Amiga media coverage database
Asimware New Contact Info New phone/fax numbers for CD pioneers
PC-Task 4.3 Released Latest version supports Win95
Cloanto's Amiga Forever The official Amiga emulation package
Amiga Forever Preview Ships Prerelease of Cloanto's Amiga emulation pack
Amiga User Group Net Formed Info-sharing system for Amiga user groups
dignet.library Final Release Last release of the serial dev toolkit
MoveToMirror 2.5 Helps personal Aminet mirrors
CallMan 1.2 Address book and logfile analyzer
Geek Gadgets CVS Info Pack Information on a Fred Fish project
AmigaZone CD Giveaway Free CD to new members
IconDeluxe News Full version and source available
SubTitler V2.02 Released Amiga subtitling shareware program
tcpdl 2.3 Download from an http host
Fiasco 2.1 Multi-structure database program
AIFF2Studio16 1.1 Converts AIFF audio to Studio16's format
CAAUG Goes Online Cleveland user group web page online
Amiga E 3.3a New version of uniquely Amiga language
MidiTracker 1.2 Modtracker-inspired MIDI composition
Amiga RC5 Team Goes At RC5-64 The next challenge lies ahead
Studio 16 File Format Docs Developer information for Studio16
MECCA BBS CD-Rom Local BBS' extensive collection captured
GameSmith Development System New distribution arrangements
Schatztruhe Competition Win a PowerUP board
Amiga University Sweepstakes ...and some other stuff!
clickBOOM Amiga Web Ring Just what it says
Tiger's Bane New shareware game title
REBOL/Core Alpha Impending release
Wildfire PPC Routines Another PowerUP-supporting program