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Ardell Broussard (Ardellb@concentric.net)

comments: I found an AmigaGuide viewer for those Amiga users out there that have (temporarily) left the Amiga for MS-Doze... I just can't remember where I found it... It's called AGV...(AmigaGuide Viewer - original name eh?) I don't have any docs on it but I found it on the WWW (somewhere...)

- Mr. Broussard followed this up with the executable. I'll see what I can do about making it more readily available. It's ironic, though, that this came through so short to our cancellation of the AmigaGuide version of Amiga Report... -Jason

From: "James Sellman" (skuld@inconnu.isu.edu)
Subject: Amigas in Sri Lanka

In the current issue of AR, a poor Amiga enthusiast from Sri Lanka asks for help in getting Amiga-related materials in his decided un-Amigan country. While unfortunately I live nowhere near Sri Lanka and cannot help him, I should point out that one of the Amiga's more famous promoters, Arthur C. Clarke, DOES happen to live in Sri Lanka.

I wonder where he got his equipment?

From: "Todd A. Oberly" (taoberly@mindspring.com) To: dhaslup@erols.com CC: jcompton@xnet.com Subject: Migraph

Dear DeWilton,




comments: I am writing because I have a MS2400 Migraph Flatbed Scanner and recently had a reason to scan slides. When I purchased the scanner Migraph had an attachement that allowed the scanning of transparencies.

My question is does Migraph still exist? There phone has been disconnected and I can't get a new listing from directory assistance.

Do you have any idea where I might find one of these attachments?

I just read your letter in Amiga Report this morning. Unfortunately I can't help you with locating the transparency attachment, but I can confirm Migraph's fate. Back in December I tried contacting them to get an update to their Touch-Up software, but to no avail. So I then proceeded to mail each of their 3 or 4 last known addresses. All but one was returned, and that letter went to a Post Office Box. AFAIK that relies on the cooperation of the (current?) boxholder. So I then decided to contact City Hall in Federal Way, WA, who plainly told me that Migraph had not renewed theit business license for 1997. So they chose to quietly slip away.

I've never seen any of their hardware first-hand, but would be surprised if they didn't just choose generic scanners made in the Far East and put their name on it. I have seen hand scanners for several different platforms, and this would appear to often be the case. So my guess is that some company out there sells an attachment that will work for you. Hopefully somebody can give you a more concrete answer, but failing that, I would start making enquiries. And if all else fails, I have the name (and possible address) of the owner.


Todd Oberly

From: Enrique OrtegÓn Moreno (rfp05000@inter.net.co)

comments: Hello Mr. Compton. I know the Amiga Computer since 1988 and get a A1200 in august of 1993. This computer is "sensacional", "la berraquera" this the principal expresion to this platform. My machine A1200 had accelerator Microbotics, with MMu and FPU and 50MHZ, sound, video and conection to Internet.

I lost my A1200, because the "ladrones" in spanish, get into my house and get us all my home: TV, A1200, CDTV, VHS, bicyclet, radio, "joyas", and so on.

This ocurred in jun 27 of 1996. Today i buy another A1200, with HD 80MB, Accelerator GVP, monitor Comm. 1084, MMU, FPU and Midi Interfece.

I have an PC Computer Premium.

But A1200 is very nice. I work in Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje, SENA. in Santafé de Bogotá, Colombia South America.

My Entity is a public service to prepared the workers.

We are 9,000 employees. 4,500 of they are teachers an instructor of diferents materias or especialities.

Sena is the only public service for the poor people.

The working student has much necesities and the only site to study is Sena Entity.

In relation to Amiga report I have collected Amiga Report from 201 through 507.

Your magazine is very important. The Colombians Amigans are "preocupados por" the Amiga future. Gateway 2000 not decided nothing.

I have in my computer IBrowse v1.0 and tomorrow will have IBrowse 1.12a.

Excuse me my bad English.

Thank you. Felicitacions from Amiga Report.

A Colombian Amigan.

- It's really rewarding to hear from readers so diverse from across the globe. Sorry to hear about the loss of so much of your equipment. -Jason

From: Per Jonsson (perty@oden.se
Subject: For next AR, readers section..


I have now for about one year waited for a sign of an eventually new version of Magic Workbench. I'm still waiting...


----8<---from http://www.sasg.com/mwb/future.html ---
The test extends over the coming months. The amount of new-registered users in this test period will be decisive of the future of MagicWB and if I will continue my work on it. If the amount of registrations within this period is not going to improve I will interpret this as a "no" to any further development of MagicWB and will eventually have to stop this project (as much as I would regret it).

This test Martin is talking about have been almost a year now... (1st of August 96?)

I wonder when it will end? As with the Amiga situation today only time will tell..

Regards Per Jonsson


comments: Is Amiga dead or not? When is Gateway releasing the new Amiga range is there such a range and is there any hope of South-Africa getting some Amiga stores or support. My A1200 BLEW UP by lightning and no one can fix it. Give us some news on the net of what is happening.

- No, the Amiga is not dead. It's too soon to tell when Amiga, Inc. could release a new line of Amigas or even what is feasible to put in such a computer. As far as South Africa gaining substantial Amiga support, in the short run I would imagine that would have to be market driven, although it would be nice to see a world-class service organization develop over time. -Jason

From: Chad Freeman (chadf@sgi.net)

comments: Wow, Amiga Report still kicking! I am glad to see you do not have archived my inauspicious publishing debut with A.M.I.G.A. :-). Sadly, I jumped the Amiga ship about 3 years ago now, and have been paying for it since through Windows 95/DirectX programming hell. You don't know how I've wished for sanity in an operating system! I do still have my trusty A1200, languishing away under the bed, but there nonetheless. Anyway, just wanted to say I hope you have continued success with the mag, and I expect you to still be here 3 years from now when I check in again (and the Amiga will be owned by Wal-Mart or some such nonsense) :-)

Chad Freeman, former Amiga Report anarchist

- Something must be in the air, I keep getting e-mail from former Amiga Report editors and contributors! -Jason