Phase5 PowerUp News

The first, and probably most important news about Phase5's PowerUP PowerPC/060 cards is that they are actually, finally, shipping.

The CyberStorm PPC cards for the A3000 and A4000 are the first to be sent out the door--the A1200 and 2000 models will follow.

Phase5 has also been doing some work to expand PowerUP coverage: Newtek is in possession of a board, and SAS/C will be gaining PowerUP code generation capabilities. In fact, just about all of the 3D software for the Amiga is slated for PowerUP conversion.

A1200 owners have seen their options expand again. The 603+ series of Blizzard cards will allow the use of an 040 or 060 (as opposed to the 030 previously planned for the original 603 Blizzard board), and all A1200 models with PowerUP cards will be able to use the planned BVision PPC graphics board, which will attach to the accelerator card in much the same way as the already announced CyberVision PPC for the big-box Amiga accelerators.

Blizzard 603+ card pricing is as follows: (All pricing in DM, does not include necessary 040 or 060 CPU)

160 Mhz: 749.00
200 Mhz: 999.00
250 Mhz: 1199.00

PowerUP-grade users subtract 100 DM for 160 and 200 Mhz models, 150 DM for 250 Mhz model.

The BVision PPC will be a 4 meg video RAM device capable of 1600x1200x24 bit display at 60Hz. Planned price is 499 DM, with a 50 DM discount for PowerUP-grade program members.

Also, Phase5 has dropped all 040-based products from its lineup due to the lack of availability for 040 chips. The CyberStorm Mark II has also been dropped and has been replaced by the CyberStorm Mark III, which is essentially a PowerUP CyberStorm with the relevant PowerPC circuitry missing, i.e. only an 060 onboard with no ability to add a PowerPC 604. Pricing and availability should be available soon.

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