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Martin Sahlén -
Director, AAA Awards

Umeå, Sweden - Friday, September 19, 1997.

A AAA Awards Co-ordinator has been appointed, to co-ordinate and make more efficient the work around the AAA Awards. The new co-ordinator is Tobias Ander,


The new co-ordinator will focus on maintaining contacts with AAA Awards Partners, AAA Awards Associates, and others (see the AAA Awards Homepage on what Partner and Associate is). He is also responsible for appointment of the "AAA Award International" and "AAA Award Sverige" (Swedish award) juries. He will co-ordinate the work efforts as to achieve a focused and purposeful organisation, that will strive towards one single goal; "Uniting the AMIGA Community". One of the first tasks for the new co-ordinator will be to form a AAA Awards Committee, which will take over much of the AAA Awards work from the board of founding AMIGA association Amiga Computer Group. Please wait for future releases.

About Tobias

Tobias Ander, the new AAA Awards Co-ordinator, is 22 years old, and lives in Umeå, Sweden. He works for one of Sweden's largest computer consulting firms. In his spare time, he runs "The MagicBox BBS" (, one of Sweden's largest AMIGA BBSs. Tobias himself says about the appoinment: "I have supported the AAA Awards since they were established, and I feel it's a very good initiative to unite the AMIGA Community in such a way. Getting the chance to work with the AAA Awards is something I really look forward to, and I will do my best to please each and every one."

Feel free to contact Tobias on just about anything!

The Future

Much is at hand with the AAA Awards. A lot will happen within the next few months. The best way to keep up-to-date is by accessing the AAA Awards Homepage,, which will undergo major changes. Stay tuned, the future of the AAA Awards and the AMIGA Community has only begun.

Associates STILL Wanted

Due to lack of applications AAA Awards Associates are still wanted! Are YOU in an AMIGA user group? Then take the chance to hand out your own national AAA Award! Check the AAA Awards Homepage for more information right now! Last application date has been changed to November 17th (only this year) - please ignore other dates mentioned.

Take a stand - apply for AAA Awards Association right away!


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