Amiga Informer Web Enhancements

Attention all Amiga users!

The Amiga Informer is proud to announce some fantastic new additions to its full featured web site. Now, the Informer hosts several great new content areas:

- Outspoken Amigans
This is a moderated forum, wherein The Informer selects editorials written by notable Amiga users to be posted for the Amiga community to read and ponder. Expect a new editorial every month or so. (

- Developers' Forum
This special area is a discussion of important decisions about the future of the Amiga, from the people that know it best: the Developers. One crucial question is posed to a pool of popular Amiga developers, and selected responses are posted on the Amiga Informer web site. Expect frequent updates in this area. (

The Games Evaluations section of the Amiga Informer 'Zine now has its own dedicated area on the web site. This issue, Nemac IV: The Director's Cut, Burnout and more! (

Here's another important announcement. Pantheon Systems has converted the Amiga Informer web site to frames, so you'll need Aweb II 3.x, Voyager NG 2.x, Ibrowse 1.1x, or Netscape 2.x to properly view the site. In the next several months, The Informer will be hosting a non-frames version (< a href=""> of the site in order to allow everybody ample time to upgrade their web browsers.

You'll also want to vote for the Informer as a Starting Point Hot Site by clicking on the Hot Site icon on the frontpage of the Informer's site. (

In addition to the already immense Informer search engine ( and online archives (, we've also added an SSL-enabled secure credit card subscription form, so now there's no hassle or worry when subscribing to The Informer on-line. Access this secure form from the Amiga Informer frontpage using your HTTPS-equipped browser. (Check with the manufacturer of your browser to see if it can handle secure HTTPS protocol.)

Of course, you can always subscribe by credit card by calling 888-88-AMIGA, too.

As if all that wasn't enough, The Informer continues to be the best source for insider news and information. The Amiga Informer magazine is now 48 pages, and the web site has almost as many pages, too. Check it out at


Ted Wallingford
Production Director, Pantheon Systems Co. (
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