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The Amiga Revolution Is Here:

The revolution is here. Totally Amiga is the leader in the Amiga revolution with its previews and extensive reviews. Our tutorials are written to educate; our recreational reviews are written to stimulate; we have what it takes to satisfy your Amiga needs, bar none.

We are here to serve you - the Amiga user, developer and store owner - in every way possible. So why not add a little spice to your life by adding Totally Amiga to your magazine collection day!

Totally Amiga Magazine
Premier issue / Vol. 1 Num. 2
$3.95 U.S. $4.95 Can
Subcription: US $15.80 Can $19.80
On sale September 1997

Emulators: Our emulator expert reviews a plethora of emulators. Find out which emulator(s) is the right one for you.

Cleaning And Maintaining Your Amiga: Our local technical guru teaches you the tricks of the trade. Learn how to keep your Amiga healthy with this monthly guide.

Ultra Accounts 4.0: Richard Smedley's Ultra Accounts 4.0 is finally available. We give you the lowdown on Ultra Accounts 4.0 .

These features and more can be found in the premier issue of Totally Amiga.

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Totally Amiga Magazine


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