IAM Donates To Flood-Damaged Libraries

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PHILADELPHIA, Pa., September 12, 1997 - The floods of earlier this year continue to impact the communities of the Midwest, especially non-profit institutions such as libraries. In many cases, insurance will only cover the cost of rebuilding facilities, not the costs of replacing books and collections. Publishers are helping to restore library collections by donating new books, with more than 60,000 books donated so far.

This summer, one small publisher, Intangible Assets Manufacturing, of Philadelphia, contributed by donating new books valued at more than $1500. IAM president Dale L. Larson explained, "It might be profitable to try to sell our books to these libraries as they rebuild their collections, and we're small enough that those sales would be significant for us. But some things are more important than sales."

Midwest book distributor The Bookmen and various volunteers have worked with the Minnesota Library Association Foundation to coordinate and distribute donations. This week IAM received a letter from the Association saying in part, "Your gift will help with the restoration of collections for libraries affected in both Minnesota and North Dakota. We are truly grateful for your generosity."

And that's what's more important than sales.

Intangible Assets Manufacturing produces a line of Amiga products, including the book "Connect Your Amiga! A Guide to the Internet, LANs, BBSs and Online Services", DiskSalv4, MRBackup, MegaBall4 and others.

IAM also publishes Internet-related books "Torn Shapes of Desire: Internet Erotica" and "Lineland: Mortality and Mercy on the Internet's Pynchon-L@Waste.Org Discussion List."

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